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Visited For Colon Cancer

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfactionValue for money

My father was diagnosed with Colon tumor in 2016 and we showed him to a couple of doctors before we contacted Dr. Srinivas Prasad. The doctor has been very approachable and clearly explained the problem that my father was undergoing and suggested for a surgery. This major surgery was performed at American Oncology Hospital and the surgery was a success.

One biggest asset Dr. Srinivas has is his smile, he does not scare the patients and does not prescribe for unnecessary medical tests. Post-surgery we are having regular health checkups and we are completely satisfied with the treatment. Based on my experience I would strongly suggest this doctor for any complicated/oncological surgeries


Visited For Tumors And Cysts

I recommend the doctor

Happy with: Wait time

I was admitted with acute anaemia with no clue what led me to that condition. After a proper blood transfusion and stability, I was diagnosed with GIST. Since, the tumor was quite big in size, and the sample taken from stomach showed some node like structures, Dr.Srinivas was consulted. Not only, he kept me informed about my situation and their next steps, not for a second I felt as if I was not in safe hands. He is a asset to the hospital and a great professional.

Even, post surgery, there was minimal pain and medication prescribed.It gave me further confidence on how well my surgery was conducted. I am short of words to thank you enough.


Visited For Pulmonology

It was the March of 2016, when my father, Dr. Arijit Das started experiencing some symptoms which led us to do some initial investigations. After some initial running around and meeting different pulmonologists in the city, we met Dr. Srinivas Prasad Perla at the American Oncology Institute in Citizens Hospital. To be honest, we didn’t have any referral and didn’t know much about him at that time.
But right from our very first meeting with Dr. Prasad, we were really impressed with his knowledge, patience, and clarity of thought in terms of diagnosis and treatment plans. My father, who was also a doctor, was so pleased after discussing all the treatment plans with him that he said “I am relieved that i met the best doctor…”
In May 2016 Dr. Prasad did a right upper lung lobectomy, which was a very complex procedure due to the nature and position of the tumor. But not only the procedure was successful, we were pleasantly surprised to see my father walking on his feet within few days. Thereafter we were in constant touch with him and not once did we notice any hesitation or annoyance in addressing our queries. One of the key components of human character is empathy and Dr. Prasad is full of it, which also shows the kind of commitment he has to his profession and his patients.
As we all know cancer is a dreadful disease and even with the best of treatments there’s a possibility of it resurrecting. In October 2017 the cancer metastasized in brain and it was a terrible setback for all of us. But Dr. Prasad never made us feel that it was the end of the road. He took utmost care of my father and on many occasions went above and beyond to help.
Unfortunately, after almost 5 years from the initial diagnosis, my father passed on Jan 2021. But, till the last day we got constant support from our doctor. Moreover, in these years Dr. Prasad and my father developed a special bond which is beyond that of a usual Dr. and patient relation.
I pray to the almighty that no person should have to go through the ordeal of this dreadful disease; but if I you are one of those unfortunate one’s, Dr. Srinivas Prasad is one who you want to see.
I pray to God for well-being of Dr. Srinivas Prasad and wish him all the best for his endeavour to help the society through Horizon Cancer Care.

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