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Nutrition in Cancer

About a third of cancer patients experience malnutrition. More so in those with cancers of GI tract – mouth, food pipe, stomach colon etc. Rather decreased hunger and weight loss are common complaints that lead to investing for cancers. Over that, the stress of surgery, chemotherapy medications, cancer-related inflammation all add to it.

  • Malnutrition can influence all cancer treatment outcomes
  • Delay wound healing
  • Reduce muscle mass & worsen muscle function
  • Increase the risk of post-operative problems
  • Reduce tolerance and response to chemotherapy treatments and possibly reduce survival.

Because of all these factors, nutrition has a very important role- often neglected in cancer care.

Good nutrition improves the well being of the patient and promotes early recovery.

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We support you through your journey  with

  • Internationally standardized nutritional assessment, regular monitoring of BMI and symptoms
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Dietary guidance & advice charts to provide tailored nutritional therapy Oral Supplements & Non-oral therapy where necessary.

ERAS- enhanced recovery after surgery program

All our cancer surgeries are performed using the ERAS- enhanced recovery after surgery program which aims at promoting early initiation of feeding.

This has given great results to us, and our patients achieve great satisfaction from being in control of their diet early on in the post-op period.

Diet during cancer treatment

We advise a  balanced diet for our patients battling cancer including all these nutrients as recommended by experts.


Many patients with cancer do not meet the recommended intake (1.2–1.5 g/kg/day)

The positive results of higher protein intake lie in protein balancing and in maintaining muscle mass.

EPA and DHA intake is shown to promote a feeling of wellbeing and improve muscle mass,  nutritional status in general along with reducing inflammation.

These compounds are also known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and reduce CT toxicity.

Taking micronutrients in multivitamin tablets and VitD supplementation is also shown to be important in many recent studies.

Adequate calories to provide energy and support recovery.

At Horizon cancer care we have always maintained nutrition as the central core and assessing a patient’s nutritional status is an important part of our comprehensive care.

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When deciding where to receive your cancer treatment take time to choose the best cancer care team for you. It matters that you educate yourself before starting treatment


Our advanced radiation machines and latest protocols deliver precisely dose with least side effects


Have a family member affected with cancer? We provide risk assessment,
genetic counselling and testing if you are concerned about hereditary cancers.


Our diagnostic services include state of the art lab, latest imaging machines, expert pathology services and advanced genetic testing

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Getting a second opinion can help you be certain that you are on the best treatment path or may help you to know a different perspective.

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