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Cancer is a deadly disease, and the number of cancer cases is growing by the day across the globe. While there are many reasons for cancer, some of the most compelling ones are lifestyle & dietary habits, hormonal imbalance, & family DNA structure.

It’s quite common among us to have a family history of hereditary cancer patients; it can be our parents, grandparents, or even our blood relatives who have been diagnosed with cancer due to cancer mutations. This type of cancer is caused by an abnormal gene in the family and is passed from parent to child. Research suggests that Hereditary Cancer is prevalent in certain types of cancer (only about 5% to 10% of cancers).

It is good to know the genetic makeup of your DNA structure well in advance if you have a strong family history of cancer patients.

Our List of Top-Rated Hereditary Cancer Services
Risk Assessment:

At Horizon Cancer Care, we have well-qualified cancer consultants to do a risk assessment for patients who have a strong family history of cancer mutations caused by an abnormal gene. We consider the following characteristics that are suggestive of hereditary cancer.

Genetic Counseling:

We offer the industry-best Genetic Counseling that’s required for reducing the risk of hereditary cancer based on the patient’s family history of cancer mutations. Our experts will provide you with the following information.

Genetic Testing:

While there are many perks of Genetic Testing, the obvious ones are

Please keep in mind that Genetic Testing cannot confirm whether you will develop cancer for sure but nevertheless, it is an effective method for knowing the risks of developing cancer that is based on your family DNA structure.

The best candidate for Genetic Testing is an individual suffering from hereditary cancer. After identifying the cancer mutation, physicians can perform the same test on first degree relatives of the patient—brothers, sisters, sons, & daughters.

Types of Genetic Tests We Offer

At Horizon Cancer Care, we take pride in our range of top-notch Genetic Testing services for hereditary cancer. We are powered by a multi-gene panel and site-specific testing to offer unparalleled Genetic Testing service.

Genetic tests are available for some types of cancer. These include:

Post-Test Counseling

Our experts will give you the best understanding of your genetic test results.
We strive to make you future-ready for taking appropriate plans of action for reducing the risk of developing hereditary cancer through regular screening treatment recommendations that include medical therapy and preventive surgery.

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