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Palliative Care, sometimes known as supportive care is an interdisciplinary medical approach that focuses on enhancing the quality of life and mitigating the risks associated with the illness by providing instant relief to the patients.

This approach is used not just for treating cancer but other human illnesses as well. In the case of cancer, palliative care is usually administered to patients in the terminal stage of cancer. It aims to provide immediate relief and optimize cancer treatment by destroying the malignant cancer cells in the tumor.
At Horizon Cancer Care, we offer the best palliative care across all the stages of a patient’s cancer journey.

In most cancer cases it happens that patients don’t have sound health prior to the execution of the palliative care treatment. So, before administering palliative care for cancer, our physicians try to better their health through

Top-notch Palliative Care for Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy

One of the concerns about Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy cancer treatments is that they both have severe side effects that need to be managed meticulously with timely palliative care by expert cancer physicians.
The common side effects of Chemotherapy Treatment are nausea, vomiting, neutropenia, metabolic problems, etc.
The common side effects of Radiotherapy are skin reactions, microcysts, & enteritis.

Top-notch Palliative Surgery for Terminal Illness:

If cancer progresses at an alarming rate, then it leads to a stage of terminal illness that can cause life-threatening conditions for the victim. In such a scenario, it may be wise for cancer physicians to resort to palliative surgery in cancer to relieve the agony or sometimes extend the patient’s life span.

Palliative surgery is used for

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