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Emergency Medical Services, more commonly known as EMS, is a system that responds

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Dr. Srinivas Prasad

Dr. Srinivas Prasad is a noted Oncologist-Cancer Surgeon with an impeccable track record of performing many complex cancer surgeries, whose only passion is to overwhelm patients with extraordinary cancer treatment that’s also pocket friendly.

Meticulous surgical technique

With about two decades of experience in the management of cancer, unparalleled clinical acumen, meticulous surgical technique, high cure rates with least complications

unparalleled clinical acumen

Dedicated cancer care, he is undeniably one of the best Cancer Specialists to rely on for help on cancer related problems.
Oncologist – cancer surgeon
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We take pride in our latest cancer equipment to offer innovative cancer treatment.


We are committed to offering the very best cancer care through dedication & compassion.

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We nurture a good work culture where integrity, honesty & ethics are paramount.

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