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About us

At Horizon Cancer Care, we combine state-of-the-art cancer treatment with compassionate care and deliver it in a relaxing, yet well equipped facility.
Rather than treating cancer by organ and stage, we utilize the latest advancements in cancer treatments to create personalised treatment plans. We take patient’s medical conditions, personal situations, and financial needs into account and tailor make each treatment protocol. Be it surgical oncology, chemotherapy or advanced radiotherapy, we are at the cutting edge of cancer treatment. We also offer the latest breakthroughs in immunotherapy and targeted therapies, providing our patients with the best possible chance of recovery. We offer the best diagnostic, pathology and imaging services that are crucial in diagnosing and staging cancer. By prioritising organ saving surgery with minimal disability, we ensure our patients get the best cancer free survival with an independent and dignified life.
Dr. Srinivas Prasad is our lead surgeon and founder of this centre . He comes with two decades of rich experience of treating patients at premier institutions and a track record of performing hundreds of successful complex surgeries.. Dr. Srinivas Prasad’s patients appreciate his meticulous attention to detail, complete involvement in patient care and his empathetic approach. Along with his experienced team and multispeciality support, he performs intricate surgeries with precision. Overall, we aim for the best outcomes while preserving essential functions.

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We take pride in our latest cancer equipment to offer innovative cancer treatment.


We are committed to offering the very best cancer care through dedication & compassion.
Work Culture

Work Culture

We nurture a good work culture where integrity, honesty & ethics are paramount.

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Together We Are Tougher Than Cancer

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