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Holistic Care

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Together We Are Tougher Than Cancer

As cancer diagnostics, genetics and management are evolving rapidly, we aim to keep pace with all the latest research to provide you with the best care.

We provide internationally standardised protocol-based treatments guided by deep clinical knowledge. Our exceptional surgical skills and latest technology support deliver the best cancer cure rates with the lowest morbidity.

We provide personalised chemo and targeted immunotherapy regimens with the least drug toxicity that help you recover early with minimal side-effects. Our outstanding pathology and molecular genetics support team make a great positive impact on your treatments.

At Horizon cancer care compassion, transparency and ethos go hand in hand with expert clinical acumen.

Dedicated To Quality – Committed To You.

Special High-quality Services

When deciding where to receive your cancer treatment, take time to choose the best cancer care team for you. It matters that you educate yourself before starting treatment.

your Experience, Simplified.

your Confidence, Amplified.

One Unified Platform For All Types Of Cancer Surgery

Surgical Specialties

Our organ-specific surgery ensures the highest success with the least complications and superior cosmetic- functional outcome.

Breast Cancer


Our goal is to achieve the most effective surgery and the best possible
cosmetic outcome


Head & neck (ENT)

While ensuring complete removal of cancer our focus is to preserve organ function while restoring the appearance

Thyroid Endocrine


We offer complete and innovative expertise with our vast experience in thyroid, parathyroid and other endocrine

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