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Second Opinion

It’s not just a second opinion. It’s peace of mind.

Getting a second opinion can help you be certain that you’re on the best treatment path.

If you or a loved one has a cancer diagnosis, you deserve to know all the treatment options that are available to you

Here are few reasons why getting a second opinion should be a top priority on your road to recovery:

  1. Peace Of Mind. Patients’ confidence levels would undoubtedly be making a big difference in their treatment outcomes. However, if patients are constantly in doubt and if they tend to be anxious and depressed about their health condition, then all kinds of complications can arise from that. So patients need to be positive & confident throughout their treatment period to ensure better outcomes.
  2. Up-To-Date Treatment And Technology.The technology advancements in the healthcare sector are happening very rapidly. So, one should always consider about getting a second opinion as there’s a high chance of getting to know about a new technology available near you that’s only recently emerged. “I have a patient who now is in remission after failing three treatments,” Dr. Kalkanis says. “The next stage would’ve been going into hospice, but because of this new, targeted gene therapy that came out a few weeks ago, we tried it, and all of a sudden, his tumor responded immediately.”
  3. Different Perspectives. Most of the time, successful treatment is not the result of just one doctor’s efforts. Instead, it requires a team of oncologists, surgeons, nurses, and more who each bring a different perspective and approach to treatment. “The patients who do best do well because they’ve had a multidisciplinary approach,” Kalkanis says.
  4. You Simply Don’t Like What You Hear.In case if the first opinion you receive fills you with fear or doubt, then there’s no need to be disheartened as another doctor can have a different approach in mind.
It’s your decision, and we’ve made it easy.

It’s worth making an appointment to know that you are receiving the most appropriate course of treatment – and the peace of mind that comes with it.

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Find out if your cancer treatment is the best available for your diagnosis.

We at the Horizon cancer care frequently help with expert second opinions which can make a definitive impact in management.

Dr. Srinivas Prasad is an expert in performing many complex cancer surgeries by open & minimal access approach.

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When deciding where to receive your cancer treatment take time to choose the best cancer care team for you. It matters that you educate yourself before starting treatment


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