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Gastrointestinal - Hepato pancreato biliary

With over two decades of experience and a passionate team of expert Cancer Specialists, Horizon Cancer Care is the leader in Gastrointestinal Oncology. Our Horizon Cancer Program delivers the best-in-class treatment for various abdominal tumors using a multidisciplinary approach.

Dr Srinivas Prasad is well known for his meticulous surgical technique for cancer clearing operations with the best cure rates and least post-operative complications. He is well versed and has many years of experience in performing complex abdominal cancer surgeries.

Gastrointestinal Oncology Service provides cutting-edge treatment for all types of gastrointestinal tumors, including gastric, pancreatic, liver, gall bladder, small bowel, and colorectal cancers, as well as rare diseases such as gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST), lymphomas, carcinoid, neuroendocrine tumors, and retroperitoneal sarcomas.

Patients in the Horizons Gastrointestinal Oncology Program have access to not only precision cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, but also to cutting-edge treatments including cryoablation, radiofrequency ablation, and biological therapies (immunotherapy), among others.

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