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Early Detection is the Best Defense Against Breast Cancer

If you feel a lump in the breast or any other changes in your breast, you may worry about it being a breast cancer. However, breast lumps are frequent, and in most cases, they are benign (noncancerous), especially in younger women.
Even so, it is critical to have it assessed, particularly if it is new. It will be a huge relief if you can prove that the lump isn't cancer. This often involves cancer diagnostic tests and a few imaging tests.

Horizon Breast Cancer Program: Diagnostic Services Through its Network Centres
  • 3D mammography, as well as digital mammography with computer-aided detection
  • Painless Breast biopsy (ultrasound or stereotactic guided)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Ultrasonogram (USG)
Personalized Treatment for Breast Cancer

We provide the optimal treatment plan for a person's particular condition based on our extensive experience & knowledge, as no single treatment is appropriate for everyone.
Our goal is to do the most effective surgery feasible while also achieving the finest possible cosmetic result and symmetry.

Our Area of Expertise:
  • Radical mastectomy with modifications
  • Surgery for breast preservation/conservation (BCS)
  • Biopsy of the sentinel node
  • Breast reconstruction and oncoplastic surgery.
  • Benign lumps can be treated with cosmetic surgery.
  • A procedure for nipple discharge (Microdochectomy)
  • Preoperative chemotherapy in locally advanced malignancies to increase the chances of breast preservation operations
  • Breast cancer chemotherapy/targeted therapy and immunotherapy
  • Breast implants
Why Choose Horizon Cancer Care?
  • Two decades of experience in breast cancer management
  • Best breast cancer treatment protocols
  • Best cure rates for breast cancer
  • Least recurrence rates
  • Low breast operation complications
  • Best cosmetic outcomes
  • Experienced in advanced breast cancer management
  • Latest medications like targeted and immunotherapy
  • Wait and watch policy for noncancerous lumps in adolescents and young adults.
  • Hereditary breast cancer
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Early detection of Breast cancer
  • Breast cancer genetic testing
  • Pre operative chemotherapy
  • Upfront protocol decisions

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