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Breast surgery

Surgical Specialties

Breast Cancer

Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer

If you notice a breast lump or any change in the breast, you might worry about breast cancer. But breast lumps are common, and most often they are noncancerous (benign), particularly in younger women. Still, it is important to get evaluated, especially if it is new. Proving that a lump is not cancer will bring great relief.  This often involves a clinical check up and a few imaging tests.

Diagnostic Services at the Horizon Breast Cancer Program

  • Digital mammography with computer-aided detection, including 3D mammography
  • Minimally invasive breast biopsy (ultrasound or stereotactic guided)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Ultrasound

If a lump is proven to be benign, it needs only regular observation or  surgical removal if bothersome. However if  simple tests do not clearly show that the lump is benign, a guided  biopsy may be necessary to confirm its nature.

Breast Cancer Treatment at HCC: Personalized for you

With our broad experience, we provide the best treatment protocol for a person’s unique situation,  as no single treatment is suitable for all.

Our goal is to achieve the most effective surgery and the best possible cosmetic outcome and symmetry.

Breast cancer operation involves removal of the primary tumour along with suspected lymph nodes. This can be accomplished either by complete removal of the entire breast along with nodes ( mastectomy) or by removal of lump -lumpectomy and lymph-nodes through separate incisions ( Breast Conservation surgery ). All women who undergo BCS will need Radiation treatment later in the course of treatment.

The decision depends on the tumour characteristics as well as patient wishes. We stand by you in deciding which surgical option your loved ones need.

Our Expertise:

Modified radical mastectomy

Breast preservation/conservation surgery(BCS)

Sentinel node biopsy

Oncoplastic & Reconstructive breast surgery

Cosmetic surgery for Benign lumps

An operation for nipple Discharge(Microdochectomy)

Preoperative chemotherapy in locally advanced cancers for cure & to achieve BCS

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