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Huge Ovarian Cyst Removed By Laparoscopic Approach

A young software engineer working in US, tried various weight reducing options to control her increasing belly, but all her efforts were in vain. At last she sought medical help and got investigated. Surprisingly, on ultrasound examination, a large cystic lump was noticed in her abdomen.

Worried being alone there she immediately flew back home to India. She was referred to Dr Srinivas prasad, at Horizon Cancer Care, by her family doctor.

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After thorough counselling, considering her age laparoscopy was attempted with careful surgical technique, which showed a large cystic tumor measuring approximately25-30 cm, filling almost the entire stomach. The cyst was completely removed uneventfully through key hole approach.she was discharged on the following day. The final biopsy showed it to be a non cancerous tumor.

Ovarian Cysts or Tumors

During adolescence, reproductive years in women ovaries undergo a variety of changes to face the challenges of life. In the process there may arise various problems. One of them is formation of cysts or tumours as result of proliferation of cells.

Ovarian swellings in pre pubertal girls are uncommon. If they arise, these could be tumours which grow silently to attain large size. Hence needs careful evaluation.

In Post pubertal and-reproductive age, fertility related swellings (PCOD, endometriosis cysts) and benign( non cancerous) tumours are more common..

Any swelling arising from ovary in peri & post menopausal women need to be suspected for cancer. The key to early detection is to notice and report  symptoms if any, observe changes in body and frequently seeking medical help.

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