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Thyroid Tumors

34 yrs old , came with a swelling in the neck 4-5 cm. Needle biopsy was suspicious. Hence underwent an operation. Frozen section biopsy ( a special  biopsy technique- done during operation ) did not show any cancer.

30 yrs old lady,  software employee, married since 3 years, noticed a swelling in the center of neck since 2 months.  She consulted her family doctor who advised an ultrasound, which showed a suspicious swelling in thyroid. Further evaluation with FNAC, suggested thyroid cancer.

56 yrs old retired male noticed a swelling on right side of the neck below the jaw, which has gradually grown. Needle biopsy of the swelling showed a lymph node involved by thyroid cancer.

54 yrs old male noticed a swelling on left side of the chest which has grown rapidly in 2-3 months to tennis ball size. CT scan showed a large tumor in rib. After examining him thoroughly he was also found have enlarged thyroid. Biopsy of left chest wall bone tumor showed cancer cells  from thyroid origin

Thyroid swelling are common and needs an immediate attention. Theses can be seen in any age group. In young women and during or after pregnancy thyroid may enlarge diffusely to support the increased body demand of thyroid hormone. With treatment they may resolve. However swellings appearing in later years or a swelling involving a single lobe needs attention and evaluation

Most thyroid swellings are non cancerous. However it is important to evaluate further whenever there is suspicion of cancer. As mentioned above thyroid cancer may show thyroid swelling, a lymph node swelling or may show signs due to spread to other organs.

Awareness about the disease, attention to one’s own neck ( sometimes – friends, colleagues and family) and seeking immediate medical help for evaluation may help avoid untoward consequences

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