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Best Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad

Welcome To Horizon Cancer Care: Best Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad

Horizon Cancer Care is the Centre of Excellence in cancer care treatment in India with a complete spectrum of Clinical Specialties including Cancer Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy, Diagnostic Services, Prevention & Screening, Hereditary Cancer, Palliative Care and more. Backed by a team of cancer care specialists, we follow a holistic approach in treating the entire spectrum of cancers at all stages. Being the Best Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, we have expertise in performing rare and complex procedures by employing most advanced technology.

Our specialists will be following advanced procedures that ensure maximum organ conservation without compromising the safety of the patient. Post successful completion of treatment at our Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, patients would be experiencing faster recovery time and will be able to get back to their daily routine at the earliest.

Horizon Cancer Care- Leading Oncologists & Cancer Specialists in Hyderabad

What Makes Horizon the Perfect Choice for Cancer Care Treatment?

At Horizon Cancer Care Hospital in Hyderabad with its network centres, you can find a combination of state-of-the art infrastructure and a complete spectrum of Clinical Specialties in Oncology. Our patients will get access to the latest cancer therapies, up-to-date research protocols, and state-of-the-art frontier technologies that can yield the best results in cancer treatment. All these aspects make our Horizon Cancer Treatment Hospital in Hyderabad the top choice for patients across the world seeking cancer treatment.

We consider every patient as unique & our specialists will be studying every individual case in detail, and the best possible treatment approach is suggested. We deliver patient-centric cancer treatment by strictly following evidence-based and internationally approved guidelines. If you are looking for the Best Cancer Specialists in Hyderabad then, look no further beyond Horizon Caner Care.

Experience a Better Quality of Life Post Successful Completion of Your Cancer Treatment at Horizon Cancer Care” 

Our Key Focus Areas

We make use of frontier technologies to treat cancers across all age groups including children. If you are looking for the best cancer care for you or your loved ones then look no further beyond Horizon Cancer Care-The Best Cancer Treatment Hospital in Hyderabad.

Having the best Cancer Specialists in Hyderabad, at Horizon one can have access to a complete spectrum of Clinical Specialties in Oncology including

Our Key Focus Areas

  • Cancer Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Prevention & Screening
  • Hereditary Cancer
  • Nutrition
  • Psychologist
  • Support Group
  • Palliative Care
  • Second Opinion

Our Services

The Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad at Horizon is at par with international standards & is well affordable for all people and communities. We treat our patients in a compassionate environment through the latest advancements in medical care, innovative scientific research and help them return to normal life at the earliest. At Horizon, we have the Best Cancer Specialists in Hyderabad & in all over India. This is the reason why international patients fly down to Horizon Cancer Care for world-class cancer treatments.

Best Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad

The prime focus of the team of specialists at Horizon Cancer Care is to provide solace to the people battling cancer through our advanced & specialist medical care. Being one of the best success-rated hospitals for Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad, we are very much committed to our service of delivering exceptional care in a plethora of cancers like


Breast cancer operation involves removal of the primary tumour along with suspected lymph nodes.

Head & Neck (ENT)

Our head and neck clinic ensures the rapid investigation of unexplained, abnormal red or white patches in the mouth,


We offer complete and innovative expertise at Horizon cancer Care. Dr Srinivas Prasad has


We diagnose and treat a wide array of gynecologic cancers, including cancers of the cervix,


Difficulty in swallowing and unexplained weight loss should alarm suspicion of oesophageal


Thoracic oncology includes management of lung cancer, mediastinal tumors, mesothelioma


The Gastrointestinal Oncology Service, directed by Dr Srinivas Prasad, offer most advanced

Kidney/urinary bladder/Prostate

Horizon cancer care is a one-stop solution for all urological tumors. For cancers of the  kidney, prostate, urethra,

Soft Tissue & Bone sarcoma

Soft tissue & bone tumors can be benign or cancerous. Sarcoma is a family of cancers that

Childhood Cancers

At Horizon paediatric cancer care, our sole focus is caring for children, teenagers, and young adults with cancers.

Skin Cancer

Our aim is to provide caring, efficient and accessible service for early detection, diagnosis,

In response to the compassionate care & successful cancer care treatment at Horizon Cancer Care Services, our patients & their family members have rated their experience with us highly, which makes us one of the highly recommended Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad and all over India.

“Compassionate Cancer Care Personalized for You at Horizon Cancer Care Hospital”

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